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General Information
Pelling Pelling is about 133 km away from Siliguri and 125 km from Gangtok and well connected by bus and jeep services. Placid Pelling pulls most of the visitors for its representative status in history, nature and culture of the state. Situated at an altitude of 6,800 ft, including the Koktang, Kumbhakarna, Rathong, Kabru, Dom, Khangchendzonga, Pandim, Zopuno, Shimbho, Narsing, Siniyalchu and others.

Pelling itself consists of little more than a road junction, Helicopter pad and numerous hotels, creating the so-called "Bengali Boulevard", a strip of highly unimaginative identikit concrete blocks. Luckily, from most angles this development is hidden by the forested slopes and Pelling offers numerous attractive walks and hotel terraces from where one can gaze in awe at the world's third highest peak.

Pelling gives a spectacular views of the Mount Khangchendzonga, the Guardian Deity of Sikkim and the worlds third highest mountain along with other sister mountains bowing before the Godly figure in reverence. Pelling is an ideal getaway for tourists as its vicinity has numerous waterfalls, soft trek routes, villages and soothing atmosphere for all discerning.

How to reach Pelling
Local Transport : Shared jeeps travel regularly until mid or late afternoon between Pelling and Ghezing; twice daily for Gangtok, and once a day for Siliguri. There is no direct service to Yoksum from Pelling but a daily bus leaves Ghezing and travels via Legship and Tashiding. One bus leaves Ghezing daily for Khecheopalri Lake and passes through Pelling, and two leave Pelling for Ghezing, and eventually back to Pelling.

Air : Bagdogra Airport is km (hours) from Pelling.

Road : Pelling is connected with all weather metaled road with Siliguri, Kalimpong, Gangtok etc.

Rail : Out-station trains (Indian Railways) generally come into either New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri. From there, visitors may proceed to Pelling by "Toy-Train" (journey time 6.5 to 7 hrs) or bus or taxi, Limo Van or Land Rover (journey time 3 to 3.5 hrs) to Pelling.

Tourist Cars/Buses : Tourist Cars, Tourist mini coaches and Taxis are available for transfer of passengers between Pelling and Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri Junction/ Bagdogra, and also for sightseeing at fixed rates and may be reserved through Tourist Bureau, Govt. of West Bengal, Pelling.

Weather Overview
Former helipad ground of Pelling is the center of Upper Pelling and local people of Pelling comes at that place for spending their leisure specially in the evening. Actually it is a ground which was the helipad ground of Pelling few years before and now a days children are seen playing for the whole day in that ground. Recently the helipad ground of Pelling is shifted to a upper place which is quite separate from the residential place.

From the former helipad ground, five peaks of Kanchanjangha can be seen if the weather is clear. This view is awesome. The weather of Pelling gets very much clear in the winter season. The best time to visit Pelling is the month of December-Feb. In the year 2006, tourists were very lucky to get the snowfall at Pelling in mid January season. This was the last time, Pelling was covered with snow.

Places Of Interest
Pemayangtse Monastery
Pemayangtse Monastery Pemayangtse, which means the 'Perfect Sublime Lotus' is the most important monastery in Sikkim and belongs to the Nyingma order. It is home only for the pure monks, the ones called the 'ta-sang' lamas. The monastery is home to several ancient and precious religious images and other objects of worship. The monastery should be visited to get an insight to the cultural history of the town as well as panoramic views of Mount Kanchenjunga and is thus a popular place of tourist interest.

Sangacholing Monastery
Sangacholing Monastery Having the distinction of being the second oldest monastery in town, it is located on a ridge above the famous Pemayangtse Monastery. The way up to the monastery is heavily forested and makes a good track for nature walks and even for treks. The monastery has a scenic backdrop and a calm and quiet setting which makes it a good place to visit.

Khecheopalri Lake
Khecheopalri Lake A major tourist attraction in town it is also known as the 'Wishing Lake'. The Khecheopalri Lake is undoubtedly a scenic wonder. A pristine lake with sparkling blue waters, the banks of the lake are good for a lazy stroll. The lake is considered to be sacred and hence prayers are offered here. However, due to the sanctity attached, no water activities are allowed in the lake.

Sangay Waterfall
Sangay Waterfall A lovely waterfall in the outskirts of the town. Stand on the bridge and feel the gentle spray of the water from the fall. The spot makes an ideal place for picnics and is a major tourist spot in Pelling.

Meghalaya State Museum
Among a good collection of ancient scripts and other valuables, the museum also exhibits collections from the tribal era.

Don't expect to shop for big brands here, but shopping at the local markets is surely going to be a unique experience here. Hunt shops for the most unique handicrafts to take home as souvenirs. Locally made curios are also a rage with tourists. Pelling is also a good market for hand woven items. Woolen carpets with traditional motifs and Lepcha shawls are some other good things you might wish to take home.
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