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General Information
Karjat Karjat is situated on a mountainous region that spans over the Bhor ghat, Sahyadris and Western Ghats. Not to mention that it also includes the coastal plains of the Konkan region near Deccan and lies on the banks of the River Ulhas.

A picturesque location that consists of a very rich terrain, full of greenery in the monsoons, with waterfalls on virtually every hill uniting to form rivers and streams.

How to reach Karjat
By Air : Nearest major airport is Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, which is nearly 90 km from Karjat. Mumbai (Bombay) is well connected to all major cities in India and also connected to many cities abroad. Taxi services are the one direct travel possibility from Mumbai to Karjat. It costs about Rs 1700.

By Rail: Karjat is a main railway station under the Mumbai railway division. Karjat is connected to all Indian cities through Mumbai rail head. Taxi services are available from Karjat to Mumbai, which is 90 km away and cost about Rs 1700.

By Road: Karjat is well connected to other cities in and around by state owned public transport buses. Many private owned buses also provide transport service between Karjat and neighboring cities, including Mumbai and Panavel.

Weather Overview
Karjat has pleasant winters and warm summers.
  • Summers (March to June) are warm with temperature lying between 27° C and 39° C. Tourists may keep off April and May due to the hot climate.
  • Monsoons (July to September) provide medium levels of rainfall and Karjat looks beautiful during monsoons with lusting greeneries.
  • Winters (December to February) are moderate with temperature lies between 11° C to 27° C.
Best season to visit Karjat is July to March.
  • March to June is excellent for sight seeing and trekking though the weather is on hotter side.
  • July to October is thriving with greeneries and ideal for river rafting.
  • November to February is perfect for vacations due to its picturesque surroundings and cool climate.
Places Of Interest
Kondana Caves
Kondana Caves Kondana Caves situated in Karjat offers the ancient lifestyle of Buddhist followers. Ancient rock-cut caves, Kondana Caves are very famous Buddhist caves. These caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupa. Sculptures and stupas are specimens of the ancient period Buddhist architecture. There was a natural disaster in the form of an earth quake in early 1900 by which many stupas, front entrance and floor of the caves were damaged.

These ancient caves attract lots of tourists and Buddhist devotees all through the year. There are some restrictions on these protected ancient caves. Smoking and the consumption of liquor and aromatic foods are prohibited nearby places of the caves.

Peth Fort
Peth Fort Peth Fort, also known as Kotligad, is a major attraction of the small village Peth nearby to Karjat in its north east region. Peth is a conically shaped hill and it offers a panoramic view of the foothills. The fort is at the pinnacle of the mount and it is placed perfectly on the back drop of Matheran ranges and Western Ghats. One can view the Konkan country side from the fort and the beauty of this view is majestic.

Phansad wildlife sanctuary and Nethersole Dam are two main attractions nearby Peth.

River Rafting
River Rafting Karjat on the banks of the Ulhas river is a perfect place for many water sports activities. River Ulhas tempts the tourists to have a great experience of river rafting in the most exciting cool and calm waters

Perfectly blended with nature, Karjat’s river rafting is really an adventurous experience, with many of the visitors offer themselves for the passion.

Trekking Karjat is a renowned area for trekking due to its undulated hilly terrains and slopes. Karjat offers medium to very demanding adventurous trekking trails. The adventurous trekkers can get the required level of challenge from the trekking tracks in Karjat. These trails are mostly unexplored and unspoiled. The cool and calm ambience makes it a perfect place for nature trekking.

The main trekking trails from Karjat lead to Matheran, Peth and Chanderi fort. The villages in Karjat namely Sandshi, Kondiwade and Khandpe are offers good trekking facilities to enthusiastic travelers. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this place just to enjoy the trekking adventure.

Eating Out
Eating at a roadside dhaba is always fun, the food tastes more homely and its affordable too. One of the oldest eating joint (dhaba) here is the Karjat Dhaba, which came up way before Karjat got commercialised and small joints sprung up at every nook and corner.

This roadside joint is situated after the Neral-Karjat junction on the stretch leading to Karjat Chowk.

Few years ago the place was like a proper dhaba, it just had a roof with few tables laid, and it much more open and airy. Now with more restaurants coming up in the surrounding area, it has transformed into a proper place with a permit room.

Karjat Dhaba use to serve beer earlier too, except that now steel glasses have been replaced by beer mugs, and its served more openly. You will get Indian and Chinese cuisine here, although we wouldn't recommend Chinese food. Many restaurants have Chinese on their menu, it isn't really the place to eat Chinese. Better to have the local delicacy, vada-pav, instead.

While the Indian fare was delicious, almost all the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available. We had beer first then followed it up with Paneer Masala and Aloo Mutter along with hot chapatis, and were quite happy with the food. So we ordered for rice and dal fry, to have a complete, delectable meal.
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