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General Information
Ratnagiri Ratnagiri district is a paradise in the world. It is not yet touched by new culture. It is a land as beautiful as its people simple, soft spoken, easy going and hospitable. You will fail in love with the Konkani people on your first visit to the land. Adventurous travelers, holiday makers and nature lovers are drawn to this beautiful paradise. The scenery of this district has been shaped by a happy partnership of geography and civilization. It has green hills, deep valleys, and emerald green paddy fields. There are a number of stunning beaches. There is something special for every one to enjoy and discover. It has its own specialty of summer fruits like hapus (mango), Konkan, jackfruit, cashew nuts, jambulam, karvandas etc. There is a regional specialty-Konkani food, made from rice, fish and coconut. It has a wide variety of wild life, vegetation and birds.

How to reach Ratnagiri
By Air : Ratnagiri Airport is connected to Mumbai and Pune by air. The airport is nearly 12 km away from city center.Mumbai is the major International airport nearby. It is located nearly 370 km away from Ratnagiri. Mumbai is well connected to all major airports in India and many cities abroad.

By Rail: Ratnagiri railway station is linked to all cities in India through Mumbai terminal. Regular daily express trains ply between Ratnagiri and Mumbai.

By Road: Regular bus services are available from many cities in Maharastra to Ratnagiri. State owned and private buses ply from Ratnagiri to many cities in and around. Evening trips of tourist luxury buses are available from Mumbai to Ratnagiri.

Weather Overview
The climate in Ratnagiri is typical coastal climate with warm and humid atmosphere.
  • Summers (March to May) are hot with maximum temperature nearly touching 38° C, and tourists typically avoid the hot summer months of April and May.
  • Monsoons (June to September) are accompanied by regular rainfalls and this Konkan region looks attractive in rains.
  • Winters (December to February) are pleasant with moderate day temperature and cool nights (15° C).
Best period to visit Ratnagiri is October to March.
  • October to March is ideal for sight seeing and other activities.
  • June to September is good for short visits and the landscapes are beautiful with green vegetation during this period.
Places Of Interest
Bhatye Beach
Bhatye Beach Bhatye is the biggest town in Konkan and one of the immediate suburbs of Ratnagiri town. A wonderful beach in the background of the jagged Sahyadri mountain ranges provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. The bluish water, vast expansion of silvery sands and the clean environs sprinkled with casuarinas, Bhatye beach gives exciting oppourtunities for water sports.

The beautiful Bhatye beach presents a sleepy and peaceful atmosphere. The unpolluted air, clear sky, the vast expansion of bluish water, a quite evening, the lovely Bhatye beach is a perfect place to admire the romantic sunset.

Ganeshghule beach
Situates in the outskirts of the city, Ganeshghule beach is a perfect place to spent the leisure time in a calm and quite ambience.

Ganeshghule beach provides a sure way to rejoice the romantic sunset in a serene atmosphere. The shining emerald water, vast stretch of silvery sands and the undulating waves gives Ganeshgule a majestic look. The unruffled beach and the never ending blue sea, a pollution free environment, Ganeshghule beach is definitely a must see spectacle. One among the popular and appealing beaches, Ganeshghule is an ideal spot to relax in solitude.

Gateway of Ratnagiri
Gateway of Ratnagiri The Gateway of Ratnagiri is a preposterous structure with a slopped roof in the Ratnagiri Jetty in Mandavi Beach. The magnificent beach itself is renowned as the gateway of the hilly terrain. The popular belief is that this structure, the defense of the mainland, is the work of the Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar.

A fabulous construction overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, Gateway of Ratnagiri provides a unique opportunity to walk through the seashore and enjoy the cool breeze that gently flows from the sea. It is indeed a marvelous experience.

Mandavi Beach
Mandavi Beach A booming hot spot of tourists, Mandavi Beach is the most crowded beach in the Ratnagiri region. The prettiest beach in Ratnagiri, Mandavi is gifted with a vast line of seashore right up to Rajiwanda Port.

This fabulous beach is surrounded by the west by the Ratnadurg fort, and the majestic Arabian Sea lies to its south. The proximity of the beach to the town makes it a favourite holiday spot of the water enthusiasts.

Mandavi beach offers lustrous black sand and so it is renowned as the 'Black Sea’. In comparison with other beaches, Mandavi beach appears little filthy because of the black sand; yet this is the most sought after picnic spot in Ratnagiri. As it the most popular beach of Ratnagiri, it is possible to get some chat and soft drinks around the beach.

Pandre Samudra
Pandre Samudra Pandre Samudra is a beach with a long, clean stretch of sand whose name means ‘White sea’. Situated very near to Ratnagiri town, Pandre Samudra allures people with its silvery charm.

A dip in the crystal clear water and viewing the marvelous sunset on the background of beautiful surroundings is a wonderful experience. With the emerald water in front, and the swaying palm groves in backdrop, Pandre Samudra exhibits an ethereal experience and it is a perfect destination for tranquil holidays.

Ratnadurga Fort
Besieged by the charming Arabian Sea on the three sides, the massive Ratnadurga Fort presents a splendid look. A massive structure in the shape of a horseshoe, with a length of 1,300 meters and a width of 1,000 meters, Ratnadurg Fort was once a strong hold of the Maratha Empire.

Spread over a vast area of 120 acres, Ratnadurg Fort was under the Muslim rule for so many years. Now a collapsed structure, lying across two hills, Ratnadurg Fort gives a decrepit look.

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Ratnadurg Fort offers the dazzling view of the sun going down the sea and the sweet sound of the pounding of the waves against the rocks makes a perfect symphony. Another specific attraction in the fort is the marvelous lighthouse situated in the bastions of the fort.

Once in the fame of glory, Ratnadurg Fort on the coastal line of the Konkan region is a perfect place to getaway from the trappings of the city life.

Shri Devi Bhagwati Mandir
Shri Devi Bhagwati Mandir A magnificent temple located inside the massive Ratnadurg Fort, Bhagwati Mandir is a famous pilgrim center in Ratnagiri. Bhagavadti Temple is one among the ancient temples in the state of Maharashtra.

The deity is adorned beautifully and the temple architecture is marvelous. Other deities like 'Veer Vignesh' & 'Ashtadashbhuj' Ganapati are unique for their sculptural works. This temple is crowded with devotees during Navratri festival, which is one of the sacred festivals celebrated all over India. In Devi Bhagavathi temple, Navarathri festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigour and big yatras are conducted as a part of the festival.

Situated on the shores of the Arabian sea, the temple is blessed with a calm and serene ambience that provides a divine feeling to the devotees.

Thibaw Point
Thibaw Point Thibaw Point is the place where the lovely mansion, The Thebaw Palace is located. Built in the year 1910, the palace is famed as the exile shelter of the king and the queen of Burma (Myanmar).

Thibaw Point also is a thriving spot of picnickers, and it gives a panoramic view of the entire city. People gather here in large groups to see the stunning view of the sunset.

The Thibaw Point, nestled in the lap of majestic Arabian Sea, presents a picturesque view of a dense village. Situated at the hem of a hill, this point is a fast emerging tourist destination in Ratnagiri that offers delightful sceneries of a virgin land.

Tilak Ali Museum
Tilak Ali Museum Tilak Ali Museum in Ratnagiri is the ancestral home of the illustrious Indian, Lokmanya Tilak. His old house has been turned into a museum and contains lots of pictures of the great freedom fighter. This memorial is maintained by the State Archaeological Department.

The museum tries to depict the significant moments in the life of Thilak through magnificent photographs. The house is a classic example of native Konkani architecture.

Tilak Ali Museum is a genuine effort to put alive the memories of the famous Indian and a visit to this monument provides ample information about the struggles for freedom.

Food and drink lovers will sigh in delight at Ratnagiri's excellent range of fruit and dry fruit products. Head for Desai Brothers at Pawas to get the best in mango sweets, mango syrup and mango pulp. You can also pick up high quality cashew nuts from here. Bhide restaurant in main Ratnagiri town sells excellent kokum syrups, juices and pulp. If you are visiting Ratnagiri during the mango season, stop at Bhshte to buy the best quality alphonso mangoes.

Eating Out
Vegetarians can tuck into simple and delicious Maharashtrian fare and other cuisines as well. Non-vegetarians can have a field day with Malvani cuisine at Ratnagiri. Hotel Amantran is well-known for its expertly prepared range of Malvani food. Venkatesh Dining Hall is favoured by vegetarians and those who prefer traditional South Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Whichever restaurant you go, don't forget to refresh yourself with the delicious kokam juice that Ratnagiri is famous for.

Movie lovers can keep themselves entertained with the choice of two theatres in the main town of Ratnagiri namely; Radhakrishna theatre and Shriram Talkies. Those who prefer to spend time in the open air will find themselves delightfully occupied at Thiba Point. Recently set up by the Maharashtra government, Thiba Point overlooks the sea and offers a restful place to stretch your legs and watch life go by.
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