Banon Resort

Banon Resorts, New Hope Orchards, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India


An Irish soldier, Captain A.T. Banon, settled in the Manali during the 1850s. He married a lady from Garhwal and planted the first apple orchard in the valley. A farsighted man, he brought in a variety of fruit plants to the Kullu Valley and pioneered the fruit industry in the region. His descendants built roads, bridges, generated their own electricity - which, incidentally, was also supplied to the circuit house during the late Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru's visits. It was the Banons who established the tourism industry here by launching the first guest house in the Kullu Valley.


The Banon Resort is situated in one of Manali's best preserved areas, close to the circuit house, just a kilometer away from the town. Banon Resorts is located close to Manali's reserved cedar forests with a magnificent view of Himalayan snow peaks.


Deluxe Double Room
Reach out to the stupefying mountain exteriors from the warmth of your Double Deluxe room. Exclusive wooden furnishing and the warmth of cosy interiors will help you to find your true calling in the ambience of these mesmerizing mountains.


  • Centrally Heated
  • Beautiful mountain view from the Balcony


Deluxe Suites
The luxury of a spacious double room with an attached sitting room and wood clad interiors is all that it takes to sit back and connect to nature. Big windows await you for a spectacular view of the giant mountains.


  • Spacious centrally heated rooms
  • Attached drawing room
  • A big balcony and view
  • A beautiful garden surrounding the Resort


Cottage Suites
Our cottage suites are a perfect home to peace, privacy and solace. Separate designer cottages with four bedrooms and a large sitting area, each in its own garden setting, strike a chord between the built up and the garden area.


  • Separate balconies
  • Attached large sitting room
  • Separate from the main block
  • Lawns on all sides
  • Very spacious rooms

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