ChandigarhTravel Guide

General Information

The Union Territory of Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. This best planned modern city of India was planned and designed by Le Corbusier, a famous French architect and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. The charming town referred as the 'paean to the urban planning' is divided into several self-contained sectors, with its own market-place, hospitals, educational institutions, worship place, gardens and open play grounds etc. Provision for a separate self-contained industrial zone at the east end of the city was made, to keep the city pollution free.

Chandigarh ushered into India "the modern architectural era" and is a manifestation of the dreams and aspirations of young India. Jawahar Lal Nehru, remarked- "Let this be a new town, symbolic of the freedom of India, unfettered by the traditions of the past an expression of the nation’s faith in the future".

How to reach Chandigarh
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    By Air

    The city is well connected with Delhi, Leh and Amritsar via air. The airport is located at a distance of about 12 kms from the city center.

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    By Rail

    The city is well connected with major cities via train. There are two trains, namely, Shatabdi Express and Himalayan Queen that link Chandigarh with Delhi and the best part is that these trains run daily.

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    By Road

    There is an excellent road network in Chandigarh. There are two national highways, namely, No. 21 (Ambala-Kinnaur) and 22 (Chandigarh-Leh) that serve this union territory by connecting it with other parts of the country. Infact, there are many pilgrimage spots and famous towns that are located at a motorable distance. There are several buses that link Chandigarh with other neighboring cities. Buses are of different kinds: air-conditioned, deluxe, semi-deluxe or ordinary.

Weather Overview

Talking about the Chandigarh weather, it can be said that summers are extremely hot and monsoons are highly uncertain. During the monsoon period, sometimes the weather is cool and sometimes very humid. If you are planning a pleasure trip to this city, then the perfect time is between autumn and winters (mid-August to November), when the weather is pleasant. During this period, it is neither too hot, nor too cold and also there is not much of rainfall. Winters are chilling, especially during the late nights and early mornings. Read to know more on Chandigarh climatic conditions:

Here are given some fast facts about the weather & climate of Chandigarh:

Winter temperature: 4-14°C
Summer temperature: 37-44°C
Annual rainfall: around 111.4 cm
Monsoon season: July - September
Best season to visit: between mid-August to November

Places Of Interest
  • Leisure Valley
  • Rock Garden
  • Sukhna Lake
  • Open Hand
  • Capitol Complex

Leisure Valley

Leisure Valley

Leisure valley is the most beautiful and popular tourist attraction destination in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Leisure valley is like a garland of gardens that beautifies the entire city. It begins from Rajendra Park in Sector 1 that is basically used for long walks, yoga and other fitness workout activities and stretches till the Bougainvillea garden in Sector 3. It also covers the splendid garden of roses in Sector 16. Leisure valley takes a curvaceous turn, when it enters Sector 23. It is in the Leisure valley in Chandigarh, India that different kinds of theme gardens are set up.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden

Chandigarh rock garden is an epitome of creativity and innovation. It is a unique garden that consists of various art objects. But the best part about the rock garden is that each of its artwork has been made by using industrial & urban waste. It is located in Sector 1 between the Capitol Complex and Sukhna Lake. The credit for laying its foundation goes to Nek Chand, who was the then Road Inspector in the Engineering Department of Chandigarh Capital Project.

Rock garden has been established in the form of an open-air exhibition hall. The garden houses sculptures made by using a variety of different discarded waste materials like frames, mudguards, forks, handle bars, metal wires, play marbles, porcelain, auto parts, broken bangles etc. Rock garden in Chandigarh, India is a unique creation and connoisseurs come from different parts of the world to see this amazing garden.

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is a beautiful lake that lies in the foothills of Shivalik range. The unique thing about Sukhna is that it is a manmade lake. It is a 3 km long lake that was created in the year 1958. It was done by damming the Sukhna Choe, which is a seasonal stream flowing down from the Shivalik hills. Sukhana Lake of Chandigarh, India has become an integral part of the city.

People visit this place in the morning to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of nature. Chandigarh Sukhna Lake serves as a great picnic spot and an apt place for pursuing water sport activities like boating, yachting and water skiing etc. The atmosphere over here is very serene and thus apt for meditating. Also, you can savor the melodious humming of birds. People come here in the evening time to forget their worries and relax for a while. So, if you want to rejuvenate yourself, then Sukhna Lake is the perfect destination for you.

Open Hand

Open Hand

Open hand in Chandigarh, India is one of the most significant monuments of the city. The credit for laying down its plan goes to Le Corbusier. It is located in sector 1 in the Capitol Complex. Chandigarh open hand monument has been designed in the form of a giant hand made from metal sheets that rotates like a weathercock, indicating the direction of wind. This giant hand is 14 metres high and weighs around 50 tonnes. The significance of open hand is that it conveys the social message of peace and unity that is "open to give & open to receive." Open hand is the city's official emblem.

Capitol Complex

Capitol Complex

Chandigarh capitol complex houses the seat of Government. Initially, it served as the seat only for the Govt of Punjab, but now it has the headquarters of both, the Govt of Punjab and Haryana. The credit for the awesome designing of the Capitol complex goes to Le Corbusier. Located in Sector 1, capitol complex in Chandigarh, India consists of three main edifices, namely, the Secretariat, the Legislative Assembly and the High Court. There was a plan to build a fourth building also, which is going to be the Raj Bhavan, as in the Governor's Palace or a Museum of Knowledge. However, till yet, it has not come into existence. The three buildings of the Capitol complex stand majestically representing themselves as the temples of democracy of free India.


Chandigarh is a modern city of India. Unlike other tourist destinations in India, Chandigarh is not a city steeped in history and heritage. So shopping in Chandigarh is a different experience.

Plush shopping malls, swish arcades, posh crowd, elegantly lit fountains, sculptures, and groves of trees - shopping in Chandigarh might be anything but typically Indian. Eateries, coffee houses, bars & pubs keep the shopper delightfully occupied.

The main shopping market in Chandigarh is located at Sector 17. In every evening, the place becomes the most happening spot of the city.

In the well-stocked shops inside you find a variety of goods, virtually anything under the sun. The city has a number of handicraft emporia, but there is as such no 'traditional' Chandigarhi item to shop. They usually have an assortment of handicrafts and handloom products from neighbouring states.

Still, you can look for famous tip-turned-up jootis, the colourful Punjabi dupattas, local woollen wear, and the delicious jams and juices from the Himachal Pradesh, while shopping in Chandigarh.

Eating Out

When it comes to North Indian cuisine, the first thing that strikes mind is the Punjabi traditional food. There is nothing specific as far as the Chandigarh cuisine is concerned. It is mainly the Punjabi food that forms part of cuisine of Chandigarh, India. Punjabi cuisine is popular not just among Indians, but also among the foreigners. The staple food mainly consists of wheat-based rotis, paranthas and naan.

The main feature of Punjabi food is the extensive use of butter, cream, ghee and cheese. Their meals usually consist of pulses cooked on a slow flame with the traditional Punjabi tadka. For preparing the gravy, a mixture of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and spices are used. Usually the traditional Punjabi food is prepared in the earthen tandoors, which give the food a unique aroma. In the category of beverages, one name that truly deserves a mention is the Punjab-di-Lassi.


Chandigarh is renowned throughout the country for their good looking ,educated and affluent crowd that enjoys partying and brawling. The city offers ample opportunities for clubbing. Although club scene is not as exciting as the one found in metros , the city does bring its own Punjabi flavor. Student crowd also forms a good portion of Chandigarh nightlife.